ID YouTube Playlists

Here you will find a vast collection of my YouTube playlists of video/audio recordings of debates and lectures on ID and evolution. For some of the key figures in this arena, I have created individual playlists, due to the amount of material on YouTube. The links further down the page will lead you to a mixture of lectures, debates, and random videos by various other people.

Anti-Darwinian & Pro-ID

Paul Giem Lectures                                                       

Stephen Meyer

Michael Behe                                                    

William Dembski

Phillip Johnson                                 

John Sanford

Jerry Bergman                                                                

Sean Pitman

David Berlinski                                                              

Jonathan Wells

Jonathan McLatchie

Michael Denton

Fazale Rana

Douglas Axe

Paul Nelson

Philip Cunningham                                                                     

Casey Luskin

Robert Marks

Perry Marshall


Pro-Darwinian & Anti-ID                                                        

Eugenie Scott

Jerry Coyne

Richard Dawkins

Barbara Forrest

Larry Moran

Robert Pennock

Jerry Coyne

PZ Myers

Ken Miller                                                                                                                                

Michael Ruse

Elliott Sober


Related Topics & Other Videos

Dover Trial

Specified Complexity

Irreducible Complexity

Methodological Naturalism

Yale Evolution Lectures

Intelligent Design/Neo-Darwinism Debates        

Miscellaneous Pro-Intelligent Design Videos

Neo-Darwinism/Anti-Intelligent Design Lectures & Videos

Miscellaneous Pro-Intelligent Design/Anti-Neo-Darwinism Lectures


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