Welcome to Design Disquisitions

This is an independent, UK based blog about intelligent design, and evolution. Here you will find the most extensive and comprehensive collection of resources and materials relevant to the biological origins debate, including a vast catalogue of books, papers, blogs, podcasts, websites, video/audio debates, and lectures. I hope these resources will be of great use.

In addition to these resources, I will be publishing articles examining various aspects of ID and modern evolutionary theory. These articles include book reviews, debate reviews, reflections on the philosophy of science, musings on evolutionary biology, responses to critics of ID, critical engagement with the work of ID theorists, and many other things. My writings on this blog are primarily focused on science and philosophy of science (with some historical and socio-political treatments occasionally thrown in). I will only be delving into topics like creationism and theology in the context of responding to critics who equate ID with creationism, or when writing about historical or socio-political aspects of the dispute over origins. One thing that should also be mentioned is that although I am interested in physics, and recognise that intelligent design is not limited to biology, this blog only focusses on design in biology. The main reason for this is that I’m more interested in biology as a field of study and want to stay focused on a narrow area of research rather than giving brief and superficial treatments to several areas. I will leave physics to those more acquainted with the field.

Given the fact that there are already many blogs devoted to this subject area, inevitably some may wonder what the ultimate purpose behind this one is. My primary motivation is a selfish one. I research and write because I enjoy it, and writing is the best way to organise one’s chaotic thoughts. In addition to this, although I wouldn’t claim to have any groundbreaking insights to offer, I think I can offer some clarity and hopefully a few minor insights along the way.

For a more in-depth summary of my background and personal views on these matters have a read of my article My Journey to Intelligent Design.

Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think. If you can correct me on any issues or know of any material I have missed, then please let me know.

Enjoy your visit,

Joshua Gidney

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