Below you will find a number of good podcasts that deal primarily with the debate over ID.


ID The Future


Darwin or Design? (Thomas Woodward)


Discovering Intelligent Design


Darwin or Design (Jason Rennie)


Reasons to Believe

Science News Flash
I Didn’t Know That!
Creation Update

Evolution 101 (Zachary Moore)


Endless Forms


Evolution (University of Oxford)


Unbelievable? (ID related episodes)

Doug Axe vs Keith Fox

Luke Janssen vs Fuz Rana

Perry Marshall vs PZ Myers

Jonathan McLatchie vs Cory Markum

Fuz Rana vs James Kidder

Stephen Meyer vs Charles Marshall

Denis Alexander vs Fuz Rana

Fuz Rana vs Adam Rutherford

Fuz Rana vs Adam Rutherford

Stephen Meyer vs Keith Fox

Michael Behe vs Michael Reiss

Michael Behe vs Keith Fox

Expelled’ live audience debate (Fuller & Noble vs Fox & Blackmore)

Stephen Meyer vs Peter Atkins

William Dembski vs Lewis Wolpert

Creation’ movie review & interviews

Peter S Williams vs Peter Hearty

Perry Marshall vs Peter Hearty

Darwin & God’ NIck Spencer

Denis Alexander vs Stephen Lloyd

Thomas Woodward vs Peter Hearty

Glenn Peoples’ Right Reason Podcast

Episode 017: Intelligent Design

ID talks from Peter S Williams’ podcast

An Introduction to Intelligent Design Theory

A Rough Guide To Creation

How Atheists Defend Intelligent Design Theory

Philosophical Aspects of Intelligent Design Theory

Reasonable Doubts

The Unintelligent Design of Sex

Creationism vs Psychology Part 1

Creationism vs Psychology Part 2

From Darwin to Hitler

Darwin Day with Ed Brayton and Ken Miller

Anti-Evolution After Dover with guest Wesley Elsberry


(Response to Reasonable Doubts podcast (episode 1, T22:00)

Evolution, ID & Dover part 1
Evolution, ID & Dover part 2
Evolution, ID & Dover part 3
Evolution, ID & Dover part 4
Evolution, ID & Dover part 5

Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot

Evolution 101 (with Zachary Moore)

The Design Argument (with Neil Manson)

Apologetics 315 Interviews

Jonathan McLatchie

Thomas Woodward

Casey Luskin

Alistair Noble

Fazale Rana

Jay Richards

Michael Behe

Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)

Evolution & Fear of Death

Is Evolution a Threat to Christianity??

Evolution & Scepticism

Review: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Creation & Evolution (21 part series)

Please Convince Me (J Warner Wallace)

Does DNA Contain Information?

Is Intelligent Design Dead?

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