Telic Thoughts, ISCID, & Research Intelligent Design

I was pleased to find a recent post on Uncommon Descent that provides links to a few dead ID blogs and websites that have been archived. One is Telic Thoughts which in my view was one of the best ID blogs out there. It was extremely diverse and thorough. It had authors who came from a fairly orthodox ID viewpoint as well as some who took more novel approaches to the subject. It’s great to have access again to the posts and discussions on there.

Another linked website is ISCID which was a very fertile web space devoted to publishing online papers that discuss various aspects of ID

The third link is to a website called Research Intelligent Design. I hadn’t come across this page before and haven’t yet had time to explore much of it. But at first glance it looks like there is a wealth of valuable information on it, related to ID.

Like I said, it’s great to have access to these pages and I will definitely be trawling through the archives at Telic Thoughts in particular.